Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday morning Long Lee gave a more in depth look at Partial Differential Equations and how they will be used in the projects. After lunch Harish Gopalan gave an introduction to the cluster and how to access the cluster. Long Lee followed this by an introduction to CLAWPACK (Conservation Law Package) for calculating the solution to PDEs. Long then went on to talk about renormalization groups and the application to PDEs.

Wednesday morning Victor Ginting talked about a more theoretical approach to PDEs with the finite element method. The students then went to lunch with the Chemistry REU. Bryan Shader and John Hoberg acted out a scenario and students were given the opportunity to participate in a mock PhD oral exam. After lunch Victor continued his presentation with an introduction to Matlab and more about the Finite element method. At 4:00 students visited Mohammad Piri's lab in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. Mohammad Piri injects various fluids (oil, gas, water, etc...) into various rock samples and maps the result of injection using a CT scan. This lab is the only of its kind in the world and it was a treat to visit such a well designed, well run lab.

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