Monday, June 7, 2010

REU Begins!

Today marks the first day of UW Math REU 2010. We began the day with a bingo ice-breaker bright and 8 am early! Bryan then laid out the plan for the REU this year, we hope to achieve these goals and get some publications out there. After the break Greg Lyng gave an introduction to PDE's and some of the main topics to be considered in our program.

After lunch the students met and did some paperwork (woo-hoo) and all that fun jazz! We then took a campus tour, got bikes and parking permits. Colin and Katrina then gave a rousing tour of Laramie and we went on a short warm-up walk to help prepare for the hike on Saturday. If anyone has questions about Laramie, or the university feel free to contact Colin. We will see everyone bright and early tomorrow morning!

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