Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday and Friday

Thursday afternoon Greg gave the first of many talks about professional development. Greg highlighted the expectations for our students and the hopes (and dreams) of each of the professors involved in research. We were then given an opportunity to listen to a short presentation from each of the professors after which students gave a preference ranking for each project.

Friday morning two conflicts arose, first was rabbits versus sheep, wherein our model resolved this conflict showing victory for one of the two species, except in a very specific region! Our second conflict arose with Jeff's talk on time scales, this was discrete versus continuous. This conflict was not resolved and promises to give the students ample opportunity to debate (or just form an opinion) in the 7 weeks that remain.

This afternoon students will have an initial meeting with their group as well as another opportunity to see MatLab at work.

This weekend (weather permitting) students are going on a hike at Vedauwoo. Have a great weekend!!

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