Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taco Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday evening the students went out to dinner at Corona Village with the speaker for Wednesday and me. Taco Tuesday was in full swing (all you can eat tacos for $5), and the students even told them that it was my birthday...

Wednesday morning the RMMC began bright and early. Students all received the first part of the time scales book. Allan Peterson began by giving another example of the Variation of Constants and then introduced the regressive vector space.

After the break Martin Bohner went into some examples of Logistic Dynamic Equations. He also showed how the Bernoulli Dynamic Equation boils down to one of the Logistic Equations.

The students returned from lunch and were treated to a wonderful talk on research tools, given by Mike Sollami. Now we are meeting in our groups and working on each of the respective problems.

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